Guide list

Neocons documentation is organized as a number of guides, covering all kinds of topics.

We recommend that you read these guides, if possible, in this order:

Getting started

An overview of Neocons with a quick tutorial that helps you to get started with it. It should take about 10 minutes to read and study the provided code examples

Populating the graph

This guide covers:

  • Creating nodes
  • Connecting nodes by creating relationships
  • Node and relationship attributes
  • Indexing of nodes (Legacy)
  • Indexing of relationships (Legacy)
  • Deleting nodes
  • Deleting relationships
  • Using Neo4j REST transaction API
  • Node Labels
  • Schema

Traversing the graph

This guide covers:

  • Graph traversals
  • Operations on paths
  • Path predicates

Cypher Query Language

This guide covers:

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